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I wanted to get caught up over the holiday anyway - looks like I'll be moving everything to diigo... 

ETA: OK, that was fast.  Diigo has an import function from Delicious so it's doing it for you.


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Poor Diigo... you're being used by research students and now FANDOM has found you. tutorial

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Question: How do you folks find SPN sites?  What do you look for in a site?  How do you categorize sites? For example, if I'm looking for promo pics, I generally hit SPN Media first then others.  If I want spoilers, I go to TWOP, etc.  Is that how you look?  Or is it "I go where my flist tells me?"

Hi Watchers!

As near as I can figure, I've got 78 people watching me here and on delicious.  Are you guys interested in updates?

Stats - Added: 29 since I announced the listing
531 total sites listed.

All tags now have a tag description up.  I got a little punch drunk on some of them.

238 (44%) on Live Journal.
Non-english speaking sites: Half are dedicated sites, half are LJ.

This amuses me.  
Dean and Sam have the exact same number of dedicated communities but Jensen has one more than Jared.
Jo has 2 more than Bela and Ruby who are tied.
But there are more crossovers than any one character

Question:  I decided not to include rec lists, challenge coms, and individual artist/author sites for reasons stated in the first post.  Do you guys agree or do you think I should add them?

Please note: If any one of YOU would like to make one with a "spnauthorsyellowpages" or a "spnviddersyellowpages" we could network!  *hint hint*

Welcome Post

I created this community to help maintain the Supernatural Yellow Pages I created on

The list is my insane attempt to categorize all of Supernatural Fandom on the Internet. 

This community is my attempt to take you with me!  Membership and commenting is open to all. 

SGA fandom has a "yellow pages" forum where you can find "hire" fan art creators for your projects.  The idea of a place to go and "look up fandom" imbedded itself in my brain.

Friends had been telling me about for awhile and I thought it would be the perfect way to house such a look up.

And then I started clicking...  

There is no end to the internet.  I don't care who tells you this.

Where I looked:
Livejournal and the similiar sites: 
For my own sanity I did NOT list forums that seem to have stopped being used at the beginning of Season 3.  I was stricter on LiveJournal and Facebook than I was on InsaneJournal or Journalfen.  (GreatestJournal was exluded as it seems to be imploding.
The Internet:
Some of these sites I knew.  From there I followed the daisy chain of related affiliates down the rabbit hole. I did not list all the fan listing sites.  (But let me just say - there are close to a hundred that I found!)  This was because it's a "one time" hit and nothing interactive.  I tried to only keep active sites or well formed archives.
Facebook scares my over-35 self.  But I did look and it wasn't as bad as I thought.  It is mostly squee but there is actual typing and the CW has official sites there.
There is no power in the 'verse that can make me search MySpace.  None.  I found 3 links on other sites and included them and more are welcome but they MUST be solely Supernatural/Actor/Crew related.

What I Kept:
The links I kept are active(ish) and most of all interactive.  A place for us to find "our people".  I made exceptions for the research and resources because they enable you to interact.  I made exceptions for the CRACK this fandom produces because love should be shared.

What I Excluded (At least for now):

I did not include creator archives because I don't read much fanfic and it would end up being a rec list.  That's not my purpose. 

I did not include rec listings because "All Time Best..." is the quickest path to WANKville that I know.

I also did not list the multitude of "challenge" communities, "elite" groups, or moderated groups.  And by "moderated" I mean the posts are edited by moderators - not something like supernaturalfic where the entry is merely checked for header compliance.

Basically I did this because these forums are "members only" and invitational by nature.  I don't want to start inadvertant wank by sending someone to them only to have their posts rejected.   There's nothing more aggravating to *me* as a creator to learn about a challenge too late to claim something or too late to claim the one I want.

Why send that towards the mods without any reason?  I wasn't going to send random emails to everyone - "Hi, you don't know me, is it okay for me to bookmark your site?"

If you are a mod of a such a communtiy and you do wish it to be included.  I certainly will.

What to add to the list

I maintain the list, but I don't want to feel I "own" it.  I will include anything I am asked to that is not a single creator site or closed to only a select group of creators.  I won't include rec lists. I might include lists of such things ... I'd have to see it.

How to add to the list tag it -- if you have a delicious account and have things on it you think should be included, tag it for:spnyellowpages and it will show up on my "links for you".  I'll grab'em and tag'em.
Post a comment -- add a link in the comments here or over at spnyellow pages and I will get them on.  (Anonymous posting allowed but screened for those without LJs).  If you would - PLEASE - tell me what they are or what tags you should have?
E-mail a link -- emails to: will be grabbed and tagged as well.

Tags and Categories:

If you have a new tag or suggestions for them, let me know either by comment or email.

Leave a comment with any questions.